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Studies show that comprehensive workplace health and wellness programs benefit both your employees and your organization. When you incorporate a fitness component into your wellness program, you strengthen both your workforce and your bottom line.

Here are some of the benefits in which HRDR Corporate Fitness Programs can help with.

  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Enhanced productivity and performance
  • Improved morale and corporate image
  • Better recruitment and retention
  • Reduced absenteeism

Reduce Employee Burnout

Companies are facing more and more employee burnout which is often linked to lack of time for physical activities, stress at the workplace and unhealthy eating habits. These are things we help manage through fitness and exercise.

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Control Healthcare Spend

Employers health benefit costs are on the rise and tackling the problem before it becomes a problem can be the best way to ensure that health benefit are being used efficiently. Even chronic diseases can be managed with physical activities and an overall healthier lifestyle.

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Promote A Culture of Growth

A healthy workplace culture drives productivity. Employees who have an active lifestyle are more engaged, more energized and overall more productive in their work. They’re happier and often have an attitude of continual growth.

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Flexible Options for Companies of All Sizes


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/month per user

  • 3 Month Fitness Program for groups
  • Individual profiles & access to the Train HRDR app
  • Introduction calls with all participants prior to Day 1
  • 24/7 Trainer support for questions and concerns
  • Option for Weekly Virtual classes *Added fee
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starting at



  • 3 Month Fitness Program for individuals
  • Personalized training & nutrition program
  • Access to the Train HRDR app
  • Consultation call prior to Day 1
  • 24/7 Trainer support for questions and concerns
  • Option for Virtual sessions *Added fee
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Companies that partner with HRDR are seeing happier, healthier and more engaged employees, leading to direct healthcare savings and better business outcomes. All this at the tip of their fingers with the Train HRDR app by creating structure, accountability and guidance in their fitness journey!

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Results that speak for themselves

“I’ve been working out with Carlos for almost two months now. Having been trying and failing to make fitness part of my life for years, Carlos and his program are giving me both the motivation and the confidence to stick with it. My strength, energy levels and mood have all gone up since I started and I’m already doing exercises I didn’t think were possible for me when I started! Looking forward to continuing to push myself and learn more from Carlos”

John F.Culinary Operations

“Thank you very much for the exercise routines i have felt very comfortable with them i think that the fact of watching videos where you explain the exercises avoids having an injury besides esach routine Is creative and It motivates me a lot to achieve a new personal goal that not only looks physically but also emotionally.”

Estefania H.Designer

“The program itself, is very interesting how even though as a trainer Carlos can’t physically be there, he provides you with all the tools you need to keep you accountable for the work you put in. The app provides you with videos, timings, structured sets and whole workouts to help you through doing different exercises from home and feeling great while doing it. It also gives you a chance to provide feedback about what you’re doing and Carlos, the opportunity to keep up with your progress as it changes.”

Victoria S.Concierge

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