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Started with Calisthenics and Snowballed Into Fitness & Beyond

Calisthenics was my gateway into fitness. I saw people doing crazy cool tricks with amazing physique and felt like something I wanted to do. When I first started, that’s all I could think about. A new calisthenics skill, a power move or a wicked transition. I became really strong and started expanding my horizons when it came to training. Becoming a trainer and learning about other ways to train, gym and lifting sessions with friends who ere into working out but couldn’t keep up with a beastmode calisthenics workout, a crossfit class with friends from university, all contributed to an evolution in the way I approached calisthenics and my training.

Soon enough, I started implementing things that I learned from other styles of training into my regular programming and loved it. I’m super happy with my hybrid training because its been building itself up from the calisthenics foundation and picking up awesome elements from other styles along the way.

  • Mobility work through animal flow
  • Stretching and flexibility through yoga
  • Cardio and conditioning from running and boxing
  • Strength and endurance from crossfit
  • Power from kettlebells
  • Passion from calisthenics

Mentality from ALL OF THEM!

For the longest time, I thought I had to be married to one style of being a calisthenics athlete only but reality is, whatever is fun, makes me push for a goal and allows me to live a healthier/stronger life, Im with it!! I now have a super broad range of knowledge in so many areas of fitness that sometimes it even becomes hard to choose what direction to take. Of course, calisthenics always wins because I love it but when I switch things up, I discover so many other ways to get strong, apply methods to my training and get amazing results!

Am I alone in this? Anyone else feels this way?

This is something that I also share with my clients to help them really love the process of their own fitness journeys. Finding what they love and what works for them is so important to make sure they are successful. I design plans with my clients that fit their fitness level and goals but also that they enjoy and can evolve with.

If you’re interested in training with me, send me an email to info@fitcalisthenics.com





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