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When I Really Want Something, I Work For It!

Nothing can substitute plain hard work. I put in the time, effort and sacrifice to get to where I want to be and trust me, it’s not always pretty. It means training on days when I’m sore, getting my ass off bed when I’m lazy and not letting myself fall into the temptation of eating shit food. I choose this lifestyle because I see the potential, I have a vision of the life I want, the body I want and the future I want. I’m committed to working out, doing calisthenics forever and proving myself that I can do anything I set myself to. I skip dinners, I skip parties, I grind on Saturday nights and wake up early to do it again.

I think it all comes down to just how bad I want it and how hard I’m willing to work to achieve something. It’s about what I’m willing to sacrifice and how clear my vision of that is. If my answer isn’t “whatever it takes” then I know that I don’t want it bad enough, I need to work harder or I need to shift priorities. I’ve earned what I have and even though it never gets easier, I’ve learned that it’s all on my mindset and my vision.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t grind 24/7, I don’t believe in the “I’ll rest when I die mentality” and I don’t fall into the social media trap of #NoDaysOff. I make sure I balance my life so when I have to turn things on I’m present and capable 110% and when I need to chill, I can give myself that luxury too. It’s continual work and consistent self coaching that allows me to feel like that balance, helps me get the most out of my potential.




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