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All about progressions


As a calisthenics athlete I get asked a lot if I can do a human flag. Usually this is followed by things like “man I wanna learn how to do that!” or “how do you do it?!” or “Ive tried and haven’t been able to get”

Funny enough, like everything in calisthenics it goes back go progressions!

Knowing that there is a step down and a step up in every exercise and realizing that there are no short cuts to get it is key.

This an example of what I’m trying to say. This is a shoulder flag and it’s simply a regression from the human flag and a progression from a dragon flag.

See the pattern here?? The idea is to master the dragon flag, to then master the shoulder flag to then master the human flag.!

Don’t get me wrong though. Trying an exercise without knowing if you can actually do it is ok some times and getting it counts but if you’re stuck and you don’t know where the issue is then the best idea is to take a step back, master the regression and then come try it with a much stronger foundation!!


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