What exactly is FitCalisthenics?

FitCalisthenics is a training method that uses calisthenics to achieve amazing levels of fitness. Being based on calisthenics means that most plans and exercises require no equipment (or very minimal) and the use of your body weight.

Will online training work for me?

YES, YES, and YES!!! I have had the pleasure of helping many people worldwide to transform their bodies and their lives through online training! I can’t do the workouts for you nor can I feed you, but I can do almost everything else to make sure you are well educated and motivated to achieve the body of your dreams! I am not about “quick fixes” or taking numerous supplements, I believe in educating my clients how to workout and eat for their individual fitness goals. Whether you are looking for fat loss, muscle gain, or training for a specific race/event, I will help you each step of the way.

What does Hybrid Personal Training mean?

Hybrid Personal Training is one of my most popular options for training as it is a mix between in-person training and online training. You will have a one-on-one session every month to go over form, questions and exercises along with an online custom plan that will be created for you to follow for the upcoming 4 weeks until your next in-person session.

Do you offer nutrition plans?

At this point, we are solely focusing on training plans but looking into offering nutrition programs in the near future. However, your trainer will be more than happy to provide some nutritional guidance and tips to help you stay on track so make sure to mention that in your consultation call. We recommend to see a Certified Nutritionist to take full control of your nutrition and eating habits.

How fast will I see results?

It’s all really up to you! We will provide the best plan for your goals based on your consultation but it all comes down to your consistency, determination and hard work. We also recognize that everyone is in different stages of fitness and life which makes the progress something very personal.

Is the FitCalisthenics app compatible with all devices?

The app is compatible with iOS and Android.