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I used to make the huge mistake of thinking that just because I’m training like a beast I can eat whatever I want and man, I was wrong.

Reality is that YES, even though I can indulge in some nice meals that help me refuel, keep me energized and allow me to gain more weight, training and going beastmode is not an excuse to fully let go and eat pure junk.

I know my body enough at this point to understand what it needs but to keep myself sane I always make sure that at least two of my meals everyday fall under the category of healthy meals.

By this I mean low in calories, nutrient dense, balanced with enough carbs, proteins and fats, always containing veggies and portion controlled.

Nutrition is the number one factor in seeing results and having a body that is in line with your training. Its also not that hard when you break it down into simply knowing:

  • Where youre at (RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate – how many calories you use in a day to maintain)
  • What comes in and out (amount of calories you consume through food/liquids versus RMR + calories you use through daily activity)
  • What you want (gain or lose weight)
  • What to do (add or take away certain things – activity or food – to make sure you’re in line with what you want.

The point here is: Don’t make the same mistake I made!!!


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