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Take this time to spend time with loved ones, indulge in some amazing food and enjoy a good time without forgetting to continue working on your fitness. No time for slacking. Maybe a bit, but not toooo tooo much.!

To celebrate Christmas, we are launching the New Years, ‘HRDR You’ 90-day Challenge!! This is going to be a 3 month program for people who are 100% committed to losing 5-10lbs of fat, getting a stronger core, improving their conditioning or gaining some bodyweight awareness. All of it, with just calisthenics exercises that you can do from home. No pull up bar for this one unfortunately (for those who love the pull up bar like me) but still a great chance to get more focused.

This program will be delivered through the Train HRDR app so you can have us in your pocket anytime, anywhere. We will have several touch points, release weekly webinars and provide you with the tools to stay accountable. Aside from that, we have a community of HRDR Humans who are going through their journeys to support you along the way and a group of trainers who will be there to answer all your questions, guide you and check in to make sure you’re making progress.

For more information or to sign up right way, click HERE!

Time for me to go get ready for my own Christmas celebration – a 5k run followed by lots and lots of food.!


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