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Starting The Week Strong

Mondays are typically the days that people most dread. It’s the first day after the weekend and the beginning of a new work week. For most, this is a chance to complain and make excuses to move slowly, but for me, Mondays are an opportunity. An opportunity to start the week strong, to create momentum for the week ahead and to rack up a win early on.

When it comes to fitness, the idea of training on Monday is typically followed by the thought of “I still have 6 days to get my training session in” and without knowing, we procrastinate and end up squeezing in a half asses workout a few days later.

This is exactly why I committed myself to training every single Monday. I want to challenge the “normal” and change the attitude towards this day that represents so much more than the just the beginning of another week. I want to start my week with a big win! Training and getting one step closer to my goals. The #NeverSkipMonday movement started out of this personal commitment and now its being shared by hundreds of people all around the world and this is because it works!!

Not only does it create that strong energy early on in the week but it also helps with accountability, consistency and longevity. For someone who is starting in fitness or someone who struggles in making fitness part of their regular life, this method is amazing! It allows people to commit to a single day per week and slowly add more as the routine and habit of working out starts to become second nature. Think about it; by committing to training every Monday, people now have 52 guaranteed workouts in their year and believe me, as someone who used to struggle with consistency and discipline when it came to working out, this is game changer!

Now it’s your turn to decide, are you going to remain the same or are you ready to commit?

If so, get that workout in every Monday! Even if its a short and dirty workout, a long walk or simply a few push ups after waking up, it all counts! And if you need some ideas, you can always check out the calisthenics routines I post every day and subscribe to receive these in your email every Monday!



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