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Fit Calisthenics РRoutine of the Day 

Pyramid training is one of my favourite because it makes you work super hard but at the same time gives you the illusion of a reward. Monday’s are like that a bit. Illusive. You think the start of the week might be a shitty time but little did you know that as soon as you kill that workout you feel unstoppable!
  • 10 bench dips

  • 80 push ups

  • 60 jump squats

  • 40 half burpees

  • 20 pull ups

  • 40 chin ups

  • 60 side lunges

  • 80 knee raises

  • 100 jumping jacks

Don’t forget to share this routine and get your friends to be part of the #NeverSkipMonday movement. Post it on your Instagram story and tag @carlito to be featured!

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