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Fit Calisthenics РRoutine of the Day 

Merry early Christmas!! Time to get this work done. It’s leg day today and it’s about to burn. Whether you’re on holidays or not, remember that on Mondays we train no matter what.
  • 10 second squat hold

  • 10 jump squats

  • 8 second squat hold

  • 8 jump squats

  • 6 second squat hold

  • 6 jump squats

  • 4 second squat hold

  • 4 jump squats

  • 2 second squat hold

  • 2 jump squats

  • 100 squats

Don’t forget to share this routine and get your friends to be part of the #NeverSkipMonday movement. Post it on your Instagram story and tag @carlito to be featured!

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