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Why Never Skip Monday?

If you know me, you know that I live by a rule that I created to help me stay accountable in my training, establish some structure and hopefully inspire some people through y commitment to do the same. I call this, RULE #1 to Never Skip Monday. This rule has helped me so much throughout the years and I realized it has helped a lot of other people too by becoming a movement of its own.! It’s crazy to think that something as simple as that can have such an awesome impact in my life and in other peoples too.!

Here are some thing that I’ve learned from it:

Perfect for beginners

Whether you’re simply trying to get back into the fitness game or you’re just starting for the first time, using Monday’s as that day that you absolutely don’t miss can set you up for wicked success. Knowing that no matter what, you’re getting some sort of activity or exercise on Monday will make you start slow and little by little give you the ability to add more days into your workout routine. Think about it, if you do this for a year, you’ll be crushing 52 workouts that maybe otherwise you wouldn’t have done.

Rules are a great thing:

Growing up, I hated rules. I mean, we all do. Our parents tell us not to do something and we go right ahead and do the opposite. As we grow up though and we realize more about thing we like and want in our life, creating rules around it becomes key for success. Setting yourself up with Monday workouts as a rule will not only create some structure in your training but it will also force you to not miss that workout regardless of the conditions. Whether you feel good or you don’t, as soon as you get that Monday workout done you’ll feel accomplished.

Commitment is key:

Everything comes down to a decision. A decision to commit, a decision to follow through and a decision to make the best out of your day to day to propel you towards your goals. The Never Skip Monday rule tests just that; your level of commitment. As soon as that Monday hits and you don’t feel like working out, that’s when the commitment feeling sinks in and you are left with no other choice but to get the work done.

Create momentum:

The hardest part of any task is to get started. Getting started is usually what we dread the most making sure that you can start your week with a workout will create momentum and will most likely push you to try and get more workouts in. Remember that training gives you life, vitality and energy and by starting your week with a workout you’re making sure you stay ahead. Use that momentum to drive you through the week stronger, faster and better.!


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