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Fitness as an Outlet for Growth & Change

What do you feel when you workout? For many, it is an outlet; an avenue to let go frustration, anger, resentment and worry. Everyone has an outlet. Some people eat, some people smoke, some people drink. But how amazing would it be if we all had a positive outlet? How about working out? How about reading a book? How about simply putting things past you using just your mind? Knowing that there is always a bright side.

Just picture having no resentment or envy, no anxiety and no fear, and think about the positive power of not being held back by your negative feelings. Of course, all sorts of disappointing, upsetting and frustrating things happen to all of us on a daily basis. But still, there is no good reason to hold on to the negativity in your life and let that decide how you live the rest of your day, week or even years. Choose instead to let it go. To see past it. Choose to be driven by the power of your own positive thoughts and believe that the positive things in your life will bring more fortune despite of all the defeating situations.

Today is too valuable and too full of opportunity to let it be contaminated by past negativity. Let it all go, and let yourself live the best life you can imagine.

Sometimes beaten, never defeated





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